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No Training For 2 Weeks

As I will be away for the Yoseikan Budo seminar in France next week there will be no training for 2 weeks. Training resumes on Tuesday 6th August, 2013. Rest well and enjoy the summer, see you in 2 weeks!
Posted on 19 Jul 2013 by Izzel

Summer Training Camp 2013 In France With Soke Mochizuki and International Experts

The dates for the summer training camp in Aix En Provence, South of France have been announced, we will be travelling on Sunday 21st July, 2013 and returning late on Saturday 27th July, 2013. There are also additional optional afternoon sessions with other experts available too including mma sparring, knife defence and kata/preparation of grades training.We will be booking hotels and places on the week long seminar very shortly so to confirm your attendance or for more information contact Izzel asap.  For more information visit:

Posted on 23 Jun 2013 by Izzel

Ordering Equipment and Prices

I will be making an order for equipment soon, please let me know during the class what you would like to order along with the required payment, as I will need to collect all payments before purchasing. Here is a list of prices and the different sizes available. If you cannot afford to buy everything I would suggest just buying gloves and shinguards, as the gi and belt can be bought later. The MMA gloves are shown but are not required until after at least 6 months of training. You only need to choose one belt to go with the gi, either the belt with stitching (more expensive) or without stitching.

Gi (Jacket & Trousers) - £55 (160cm,170cm,180cm,190cm,200cm)
Belt (With Embroidered Japanese Symbols for Yoseikan Budo) - £18
Belt (Plain - No stitching) - £11
Gloves (12oz) - £30
Shin Guards - £35 (Available sizes: S, M, L & XL)
MMA Gloves (Punchtown TRX 8oz) - TBC Please speak to me first
Knee Pads (Fumetsu) - £19 per pair (Available sizes: S, M, L & XL)

See pictures below for further details:

Posted on 17 Feb 2013 by Izzel

Yoseikan Nogi Judo Seminar at Brunel University Judo Club

On Monday 17th December, 2012, Ian was asked to run a Nogi Judo session by coach Omar Anaz, covering throws from the Yoseikan Budo syllabus, many of which come from Jigaro Kano's original judo but have been modified by our style's founder, Hiroo Mochizuki (3rd Dan Judo), to suit striking and are trained without the need for gripping the gi.

Coach Omar Anaz and assistant coach James Diamond also showed some great new throws that they had learnt from a recent seminar they had been to with Ukranian's Georgii Zantaria (Judo World and European Champion -60kg) and Volodymyr Soroka (Judo European Champion -73kg).

Hiroo Mochizuki's father, Minoru Mochizuki (8th Dan Judo), was one of the original top students of judo's founder, Jigaro Kano. Along with a number of other top students, he was sent by Kano to collect techniques from all of the judo schools around Japan for fear that they would be lost as interest in training subsided during the war. This was known as the Kobudo Kenkyukai an organization for the study, preservation and development of classical martial arts established within the Kodokan. As well as picking up many different techniques, he learnt a lot from one school in particular who specialised in the art of sutemi's (sacrifice throws) and this is where a lot of throws we use in Yoseikan Budo today differ from the Judo which is taught now and thus enable us to pass on a lot of forgotten throws and techniques. Minoru Mochizuki, an uchideshi of Mifune, was also sent by Kano to train as an uchideshi under Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido and also Gichin Funakoshi, the founder of Shotokan Karate. Interestingly, one of Kano's other students at the Kodokan, Mitsuyo Maeda, was also sent to collect techniques, however due to his small stature, Kano thought he would be more proficient in Ne-waza (the art of ground fighting), particularly as this would remove the advantage bigger opponents had over him, thus he was sent to many schools, however one in particular were highly versed in Ne-waza and this is where his skills developed further. Maeda, a training partner of Mochizuki at the Kodokan, later went on to become influential in the development of a style now known as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu by relocating to the USA and later Brazil.

One comment that Kano made, that should always be remembered is that judo is all about technique and not just strength:

"You fought like young bulls locking horns; there was nothing refined or dignified about any of the techniques I witnessed today. I never taught anyone to do Kodokan Judo like that. If all you can think about is winning through brute strength, that will be the end of Kodokan Judo"

Above: Kano & Mochizuki (Left)/Ueshiba & Mochizuki (Right)

For more info please visit:

Roots of Judo explaining how Mochizuki was sent by Kano to preserve techniques from other schools

Funny story about Jigaro Kano and Minoru Mochizuki

Minoru Mochizuki History

Mitsuyo Maeda History
Posted on 10 Jan 2013 by Ian

2013 Training

Hoping everyone had a Merry Christmas and wishing everyone a Happy New Year! Training will recommence on Tuesday 8th January, 2013 so we can start to work off all those christmas dinners!
Posted on 28 Dec 2012 by Izzel

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