The Club

The Dojo

Teaching is given in a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Everyone can train at their own level and this allows them to progress at a faster rate. Safety is always paramount and therefore the training sessions are organised to reduce as much as possible the risk of injuries (use of different protections) and also the risk of long-term repetitive strain injuries (techniques corrected using biomechanics).

Yoseikan Budo has both a martial and a sporting aspect to it. For students that are interested in competition we enter one competition within the yoseikan world federation annually; usually in Europe. We also enter some competitions open to all styles in the UK. There is also the self defence and fitness aspect to it which is open to everybody.

Every summer we attend a week long international seminar training under the Grandmaster Hiroo Mochizuki in the south of France.

Instructor Background

Izzel Barbosa

Izzel Barbosa started practicing Martial art at the tender age of 10 in Dakar Senegal with Shotokan Karate for ten years (1st Dan black belt under Sensei Fernand Nunes). During those ten years Izzel entered various competitions at dojo and national level always coming first or second. He discovered Yoseikan with an advanced student from Master Hiroo Mochizuki, Sensei Jean Francois Demoulain. He went to Belgium to study physiotherapy and trained in yoseikan under Sensei Willy Notens and Laurent Stenis. He also taught many students in Belgium and regularly participated in seminars run by Master Hiroo Mochizuki. He participated in two Belgium yoseikan budo tournaments and came second on both occasions. Izzel is now a fully qualified Physiotherapist specialised in musculo-skeletal and sports injury, a skill that he feels greatly complements his martial art knowledge. Izzel started teaching in the UK in 2000 and has instructed many students since in Yoseikan Budo.

Izzel now has 18 years training in Yoseikan and recently presented and successfully passed his 4th Dan black belt in Yoseikan in front of Master Hiroo Mochizuki in July 2008. On top of Yoseikan Izzel has always been curious and interested in all the martial arts and has trained and attended seminars in various martial arts (including: Wing chun, Jeet-kune do, Aikido, Judo, Brazilian Jujitsu, Muai-Thai, Ko-budo, Kali-escrima, Jujitsu, Tai-chi) in an effort to cross-train and develop into a complete martial artist.

It is in his opinion that what has enabled him to absorb a lot from all these other martial arts and also at a faster rate is the fact that he possesses the link between all of them which is the wave system as taught by master Hiroo Mochizuki.