Izzel Barbosa

We are a martial arts club based in Molesey, South East England, training in the martial art of Yoseikan Budo.

Founded in 1970, by Japanese Master Hiroo Mochizuki, Yoseikan Budo draws from his vast experience in several martial arts including Karate (9th Dan), Jujutsu (8th Dan), Aikido (8th Dan), Iaido and Kobudo (7th Dan), Judo (3rd Dan), French Savate Kickboxing and English Boxing. More than just a simple Mixed Martial Arts style [MMA], Yoseikan Budo is a complete system, based around one key principle that connects all the martial arts: The Wave.

Yoseikan Budo is open to both beginners and advanced students.

Please explore the site for more information about our club and the style we practice.